Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Holyoke Blog

As I start this blog I am doing so with the intention to highlight some of the things that Holyoke, MA once had that made it great and great areas that can help bring it back. I live in Holyoke. I grew up here. I hope that with the help of many hands, the potential can burst through the shroud that has for many years covered it. 2010 should prove to bring about more changes for the good as we having been seeing improvements small as they may be for several years now. The new Mt. Park is scheduled to open this summer as a concert venue, bringing both revenue and attention back to the Paper City. Let's make this work. Please feel free to email me your favorite memories of the areas I will cover and if it fits in with the content of this blog then I will publish them for you. Thank you all for your support.


  1. Hello, just have to say that being from Holyoke I really appreciate this blog. Hope you keep doing great things with this, my family moved to Holyoke from New York City back in the summer of 78. Huge difference in surroundings but I loved it and I still do. Thanks again.

  2. Been many years since I have climbed the tower. I have many happy memories of going with family and friends